Critics Pan DoJ, FCC Approval of Comcast-NBC.25 Jan

After more than a year in regulatory purgatory, Comcast wins the blessing of the Department of Justice and Federal Communications Commission to take controlling stake in NBC Universal.

January 19, 2011
By Kenneth Corbin, Internet News

The nation’s biggest cable company and Internet service provider is about to get a lot bigger. And that has some public-interest groups crying foul.

More than a year after announcing plans to take a controlling stake in NBC Universal, Comcast has won approval to close the $30 billion deal from the Department of Justice and Federal Communications Commission.

Each regulatory authority had been conducting its own investigation, though they worked closely together in reviewing the transaction. The approval comes with significant conditions meant to preserve fair access for rivals and consumers to NBC’s content, but that was only limited solace for the groups that had been working to derail the mega-merger.

The orders of approval include several conditions relating the Internet, including adherence to the FCC’s recent net neutrality rules.
Still, some groups cry are crying foul. Datamation has the story on the approval of the Comcast-NBC merger.

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